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Subject: TAB:'Rosey and Grey' by 'The Lowest of the Low'

Song:Rosy & Grey
Group:Lowest of the Low
Album: Shakespeare my Butt
Transcribed By DGenge@Trentu.ca

G				C					D	C
Well I want to take a streetcar downtown
G			C					D	C
Read Henry Miller and wander around
G				C		 	 D	C
And drink some Guinness from a tin
G			C					D
'Cause my U.I. cheque has just come in
Ah, where you been because,
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C		D				G		Em
Everything is comin' up Rosy & Grey
C					D							G		Em
Yeah, the wind is cold but the smell of snow warms me today
C					D						G
And your smile is fine and it's just like mine
And it won't go away
	   C			D	G	Em
'Cause everything is Rosy & Grey

Well you've been under my skin for more than eight years
It's been eight years of laughter and eight years of tears
And I don't know what the future (can/)will hold or (will/)can do
For me and you
But, I'm a much better man for havin' known you
Ah, you know that's true because...


C			D			G			Em
Well I've been told that there's a sucker born every day
C		   D	C		   D
But I wonder who, yeah I wonder who
C					D			G			Em
Maybe the one who doesn't realize there's a thousand shades of grey
C				D		  C		   D		 C		   D
'Cause I know that's true, yes I do, I know it's true, yeah, I know it's
How 'bout you

Well they're pickin' up trash and they're puttin' down roads
And they're brokering stocks, the class struggle explodes
And I'll play this guitar just the best that I can
Well maybe I'm not and maybe I am
Well who gives a damn because...


Well I've kissed you in France and I've kissed you in Spain
And I've kissed you in places I better not name
And I've seen the sun go down on Sacre Coeur
But I like it much better goin' down on you
Yeah You know that's true because...