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Henry Needs A New Pair Of Shoes Chords

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From dgenge@sympatico.ca Sun Apr 27 11:20:32 1997
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 23:45:30 +0100
From: Don Genge 
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Subject: TAB: 'Henry needs a new pair of shoes' by 'The Lowest of the Low'

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Song:Henry Needs a New Pair of Shoes
Group:Lowest of the Low
Album: Shakespeare my Butt
Transcribed By Dgenge@Trentu.ca

B:  75  	75	  	755455420
G:44	44  	44
D:									X2THEN

e:  97    	97  	977577540
B:55	55	  55
G:									X2
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/l/lowest_of_the_low/henry_needs_a_new_pair_of_shoes_crd.html ]
e		  F#		    	A   B
The time has long come and gone
e				F#							A			B
P. F. Flyers, Converse hi-cuts or maybe a new pair of Doc's
A			   B		e			F#
And I know what I'll do I'll appeal to their sense of brotherhood
A			B
And when nobody's looking
A				B
I'll grab a pair and I'll start hoofin'

e			F#	   A	B
Cause^Ò in these cold grey days
A			B
It's no longer news
A			B
Henry needs a new pair of shoes

These feet aren't made of rock
And If they had genetalia they'd've frozen their nuts off
And if the shoe should fit
Believe you me I'd wear 'em
And if I steal your wallet
All ten piggies are goin' to market

A			  B
Yeah, Henry needs a new pair of shoes
e			A
To get him past these barefoot blues
And he'd walk a mile in his own shoes
		B	  A				B
If he only had 'em, come on Henry up and at 'em

One foot in front of the other
Henry needs new footwear he doesn't need a mother
Well, the important question posed
Is how not to lose his toes
Cause it's fifteen below
And Henry's got nowhere to go man

Yeah a new pair of shoes
Maybe some blue suede shoes
Just one, Just one