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Black Monday Chords

hey guys, on the Am in the intro, you will want to hammer
on the 2nd fret on the fourth string. Listen to the song
and figure out the strum pattern. The harmonica solo's
should be easy to figure out, they use the same chords 
as you see in the song. hope you like it.

Capo Fret 3
C Am C Am Dm C G Dm C G 
C Am C Am Dm C G Dm G

Verse 1:
C     G  F      Am     G
Black Monday is coming around again
       C     G      F           Am         G
And it feels like a friend that just won't take a hint
Dm                     G
'Cause it's hanging me up
F                 C
And it's hanging around
    Am             G            F           C
And I'm feeling far too lost to feel too profound
         Am         G            F         C
When the tone of my voice is the loneliest sound
   Am          G          F        C
My heroes have all become pathetic clowns
        Am          G           F          C
And I'm feeling far too lost to feel too profound

 Verse 2:
C  G      F         Am           G
My friend Kate, you laugh like a tidal wave
C    G             F             Am                G
But "Charlie don't surf" on your laughter on Black Mondays
Dm                G            F          C
And the shadows I feel are the shadows in me
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        Am        G            F         C
And not even your face or your beautiful smile
       Am            G               F               C
Or the curve of your breasts or your laughing bright eyes
      Am        G           F        C
Could make me believe I'm a winner tonight
     Am     G          F           C
When Monday morning is just out of sight

Am       G
I know a story
        Am               G
About a man who couldn’t see past his fingertips
Dm               G
To reach out and touch it
    Dm                    G
Was just too much like he needs it

    Am       G
And I know a woman                                            
    Am                            G                        Dm
Who reached out to me and all she got were my barbed-wire hands
And I won't be too proud
             Dm                             G
If she can't depend on me when Black Monday starts coming around

Verse 3:
C  G      F             Am      G
My friend Kate, you are sad and beautiful
        C   G F            Am       G
And the way I am has never been too good for us
Dm                      G             F           C
'Cause I'm too blind to hear, and I'm too deaf to see

      Am           G              F             C
But I still have a voice that can call out your name
   Am             G           F            C
With a gut full of beer and a head full of pain
      Am          G           F      C
I can lie in your arms and be lovers again
          Am          G          F          C
And thank God Tuesday morning is just hours away 

Dm     G             F       C
Do you know, I won't let you down? 
Dm        G           F     C
Rest your head when I come around
Dm     G             F        C
Do you know, you can count on me?
Dm        G           F        C
Laugh out loud, I see what you see