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                                Just To See You
                            Eric Lowen & Dan Navarro
                    Play D-A-E on Capo 1 or C-G-D on Capo 3

G  D  G  C  G  D  G  C
_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _
G  D  G  C  G  D  G  C
_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _
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G           D                  G
Sometimes I can't believe it's really true
C              G                D
That you could love me like you say you do
G       D                 G
I look around and I don't understand
C            G             D
I'm not much more than any other man

C         D                   G
I have no treasure but what's in my eyes
And I know that I'm a fool
         C                D
But it's all that I can do
G        D           C
I'd make any kind of sacrifice
        G   D
Just to see you
        G   C
Just to see you
G             D              C
I'd climb the mountain and I won't think twice
        G   D
Just to see you
        G   C
Just to see you

G       D                       G
I never thought my chance would ever come
C          G              D
But here I am and I'm the lucky one
G          D               G
And when I find my hope is almost gone
C           G           D
You give me strength to carry on