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Death Of A Salesman Chords

Artist:  Low
Album:  The Great Destroyer
Song:  Death of a Salesman
Tabbed by:  the Justin

I couldn't find this tab anywhere, so i figured it out and thought I'd tab it.
Just listen to the song for the strumming patterns.  Enjoy.

Main Progression: A, E, F#m, C#m, D, A, E(riff)

E Riff


Intro: A E

      A         E
So I took my guitar
       F#m              C#m
And I threw down some chords
           D            A            E(riff)
And some words I could sing without shame

       A          E
And I soon had a song
   F#m         C#m
I played it around
           D               A           E(riff)
For some friends but they all said the same

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/l/low/death_of_a_salesman_crd.html ]
           A           E
They said music's for fools
            F#m            C#m
You should  go   back to school
      D         A        E(riff)
The future is prisms and math

      A             E
So I did what they said
         F#m         C#m
Now my children are fed
             D        A            E(riff)
'Cause they pay me to do what I'm asked

(For this next set get more intense and strum harder as in the song)
      A          E
I forgot all my songs
     F#m           C#m
The words now are wrong
        D          A         E(riff)
And I burned my guitar in a rage

(get softer)
         A            E
But the fire came to rest
         F#m           C#m
In your white velvet breast
       D           A              A(hold)
So somehow I just know that it's safe.