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Money:The Lovin' Spoonful.
#48 in 1968.

G                D                   G
I get money from you, to tickle your whim or 
blow up your mind.
     G               D                  G
Then I give money to you and you pay me back in kind.

G                   D                   G
And I gave money to Bill, he pays up my bills and 
helps me make up my mind.
    G               D                   G
And I give money to Bill and he will be on my side.
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G                    D                       G
Then I gave money to Joe, cause Bill said he knows 
he'll pay me back in time.
    G                      D                 G
And Bill´s gettin´ paid to know, if anyone´s lyin´.

G                            D
Then Bill said to give it to Hank, cause Hank owns 
  G                       D
a bank and he can make it grow.
    G                   D                           G
Now ain´t those amazing folks that Bill is lucky to know?

G                        D                         G
Somehow my finances will grow, with the interest I show
in the interest it gives me.
    G                         D             G
And now a piece of paper from me won't seem half as flimsy.

OUTRO:  G D (x9) (Fade.)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.