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There You Are Chords

There You are
Key: B
Time: 4/4
Map: Intro, V1, DownCH, Intro, V2, CH, Br, DownCH, CH, Outro
E   B   G#m   E
Verse 1
E           B          F#          G#m      
Tie me to You so I cannot leave
E           B          F#          G#m      
Distance from You makes me dry and weak
E           B             F#             G#m      
Come fill me up and change what I do
E           B          F#      G#m     E  
All I want now is to mirror You
B                       F#/A#
And if ever I am faithless
G#m                  E
I canít escape Your greatness
B                       F#/A#
From the brightest of places
G#m                  E
To the infinite spaces
B                  F#m               E
There You are, there You are (2X)
Verse 2
My Gentle frame wants to be set free
Strength from the source will outlast all I need
That which is lost, mercy will renew
All You have saved longs to honor You
G#m                                     F#/A
You have been there before time began
B                                       C#m
Crying mercy for the broken man
E   B   G#m   E
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