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Casino Clouds Chords

The song would be much easier to play if you tune the guitar down half a step (would consist
of mostly open chords and very little bar chords). For standard tuning, here is how it

Dbm              B                  Abm          E
You left tuesday and by wednesday you were so alone
Is this your nightmare man?
                 B                          Abm               E
The millions of punch drunks and the cannibal king is taking control
Now that you're burning in space
              Eb             Abm                 E
You try to remember her face and the crown of your heart
                    Dbm               B
Now you're fighting for the manacle girls and boys
Like a kettle of keys
             Eb                       Abm
One of which might unlock all of these

Abm                Gb           Db
     If these are the black gates of hell
Abm            Gb             Db
     Then I'm sorry for the life I've wasted so
Abm               Db
     I forgot to fall in love
Abm               Db
     I forgot to call on the keystone clan
Abm                 Gb           E
     I never got to be a man at all
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Dbm B Abm E

Your crocodile tears
              B          Abm                E
Your manikin angel cage of fire is killing him so
                      Dbm                 B         Abm
Now you're searching for life up in these cold casino clouds
                     Eb                Abm
With your panicking eyes I am not alone

Abm                     Gb             Db
     Now these are the angry jaws of death
Abm                   Gb                Db
     Now this is the calm while Father Grim is smiling so
Abm                  Db
     I never got to fully say
Abm                  Db
     I never got to really explain myself
Abm                 Gb
     I forgot got to sing

Abm Ebm E x4

           Abm Ebm E
I got us here,
     Abm   Ebm E
I saw the sign
                    Abm Ebm E
Now breathe in the air,
     Abm   Ebm E
and you'll be fine

Abm Gb Db x2

Abm                   Db
     Now I will never fall in love
Abm                   Db
     Now I will never really explain myself
Abm                 Db
     But honey I will sing

Abm Db x4