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Candy Tab

alright, my first tab, really more of a point in the right direction. this is a great 
with no tabs so i thought id help. this is what i got. listen to song and find the rythem 
not hard

Tuning: 1/2 step down or capo on the first

intro (piano) *you can play softly or arpeggio with guitar)*

  Am   C  Em G (omit the 3 on the top E sometimes)
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e --0--0--0--3-|
b --1--1--0--0-|
g --2--0--0--0-|
d --2--2--2--0-|
a --0--3--2--2-|
e --x--0--0--3-|

build up

e --0--0--0-|
b --1--1--0-|
g --2--0--0-|
d --2--2--2-|
a --0--3--2-|
e --x--0--0-|

verse( to get the piano part while playing acoustic add this*)
e --0--0--1--3--1-|
b --1--1--1--1--0-|
g --2--0--2--2--2-|
d --2--2--3--3--3-|
a --0--3--x--x--x-|
e --x--x--x--x--x-|

chorus(not sure this sounds right)

C and F

end same as intro