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Shelf Life Chords

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Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 22:01:53 -0800
From: jamiii 
Subject: l/love_and_rockets/shelf_life.crd

"Shelf Life" by Love and Rockets
from _Sweet F.A._

special chord voicings:

A+/D: xx0221
 Dm7: xx0211

     Dm  A+/D Dm7             G7               F
     How many A&R men does it take to change a light bulb?
     C                       G     G7
     I'll get back to you on that
     Dm  A+/D Dm7                        G7               F
     How many spells and dollars does it take to make the magic
     C                         G     G7
     of pulling legends from a hat
               Am                         Em
     Will they take another sucker for an undersell
     Am                                  Em
     Regarding them with compliments and muskatelle
       Am                      Em
     A honeymoon in Vegas in a plush hotel
                    G                              G7
     Well, that's a sad town in the morning light

[ Tab from: ]
     Dm  A+/D Dm7            G7           F   C           G              G7
     How many bullets in the back does it take to kill a singing cowboy?
         Dm  A+/D Dm7          G7               F    C
     And how much more of this bullshit can you take
                       G      G7
     From the charming envoy

               Am                               Em
     When your making with the ballpoint on the dotted line
     Am                             Em
     Devil's in his heaven and your hair sublime
         Am                               Em
     You fit the mold for stardom and the big bells chime
              G                          G7
     But it's gold leaf on a wild, wild, wind

         Am                                    Em
     And they're serving up your future with a twist of lime
     Am                            Em
     Paying you in dollars for the perfect crime
                 Am                             Em
     And you're scratching off the silver for a nail of grime
         Am                    G     G7
     And pissing in the bitter wind

     Dm           A+/D          Dm7    G7           F    C
     Last month's colour you're passed your sell by date
                       G         G7
     And your days are numbered

     What is you shelf life?

Simple song, lots of chord changes (J wrote this one).  Listen to the track
for the breaks and play verse chords.  "End on Dm stroke", writes J.

tabbed by john m.