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La Vie En Rose Chords

La Vie En Rose
Music by: Luiguy
Words by: Mack David
French lyric: Edith Piaf
Transcribed by: Fanchie

G7(b9)		C			     A7(b9)    Dm
I thought that love was just a word… They sang about in love songs I heard…
     G7	        C  	Gm		       A7	                       Dm7	G7
It took your kisses to reveal… that I was wrong and love is real.
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C			         Cmaj7	
Hold me close and hold me fast, 
        C6	         C
The magic spell you cast,
		  Dm7	 G7	
This is la vie en rose.              
Dm	      G7	
When you kiss me heaven sighs, 
And though I close my eyes
    G7		C   F#m6  Dm7  G7
I see la vie en rose______________.

C			         Cmaj7
When you press me to your heart,
      C6 		C
I’m in a world apart.
                         C7	F
A world where roses bloom;
Fm				C
And when you speak angels sing from above;
Ebdim 			     Dm7	G7(b9)
Ev’ry day words seem to turn into love songs.

C	Cmaj7
Give your heart and soul to me,
	C6	Dm7
And life will always be
	G7  C	Ab9  Dm7 G7
La Vie en Rose____________.
[last time, G7  C	Dm7 C]
La Vie en Rose____________.

Transcribed by: Fanchie