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Unfriendly Skies Chords

           C                   F           C
Well I wonder how Susie is doing
           F                             C
At the airport in old Durango
         C              F                  C
Does Susie still work for the airlines
           F                                       G
I pray one day they let that bitch go
 F                                    C
Susieís a big deal at the airlines
       F                                      G
The Durango airportís pretty small
       F                     C
She checks in and tags
        F                     C
And handles some baggage
                  C           G              C       F*
You could say that sue does it all
                  C                   G                C
You could say that bitch sue does it all

I flew into Durango from Denver
Where I ground checked my martin guitar
Susie took it off of that aircraft 
threw it on top a luggage car
from the airplane there on the runway
through the window I witnessed it all
my axe hit the tarmac
I swear I heard the crack
That old dreadnaught took a dreadful fall
My guitar took a terrible fall

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Em				F
So inside I showed Susie the damage
C			          G
Caused by her negligent misdeed
           Em                     F
She denied that it even happened
       C                                    G
Innocent was how Susie did plead
                F                             C
Well I implied that she was a liar
                     F                                   G
Thatís when Susie made up her sick mind
F                         C
Hell surely donít have
        F                   C
That bitch susieís wrath
              C                      G                C        F*
She was gonna my kick my ass big time
        C                          G               C
That bitch would kick my ass big time

Kick it- solo

Kick it again- solo

The next day I went back to the airport
My old six string held together with tape
Susie was on duty that morning
From that cold bitch I could not escape
She said you canít take your guitar to Texas
Because its in a soft leather case
Either leave it behind
Or a hard case go find
I swear Sue had a smile on her face
That bitch had a smile on her face

Then she showed me a rule in a rulebook
Some bs made up by the faa
I had to leave my guitar in Durango
Have it fed-exed back to LA
I borrowed an axe down in Austin
But I swore I would right susieís wrong
Lawyers aint cheap
Im no litigious creep
So instead I wrote Susie a song
I wrote that bitch Susie a song


Now I think of myself as a nice guy
Usually Iím polite, never rude
Course the bitchís name isnít Susie
Cause I donít want to get my ass sued
But I wonder how Angelaís doing
Thatís something Iíd sure like to know
Is Angie still there
With her pony tailed hair
At the airport in old Durango
At the airport in old Durango