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One Man Guy Chords

it's pretty simple.

Verse 1:
G                                            C       D                       
People know when they see this show just the kind of a guy i am,
G                                         C                 D
They'll recognize by what I stand for and what I just can't stand,
C                       D              C              D
They'll percieve what I believe in and what i know is true
G                                           C                      D
they'll understand that I'm a one man guy i always was through and through

G                              C
cause i'm a one man guy in the morning
G                        C
i'm the same in the afternoon
G                    C             G                         D
one man guy when the sun goes down i'll whistle me a one man tune
G              C            G                   C  B  Am             
one man guy, a one man guy, only kind of guy to be
a one man guy, I'm a one man guy, and a one man is me.
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Verse 2:
G                                      C                  D                  
People meditate, hey that's just great trying to find the inner you
G                                        C                      D
people depend on family and friends, and other folks to put 'em through,
C                      D               C                     D     
I don't know why i'm a one man guy, or why this is a one man show,
G                                                C                     D
but these three cubic feet of bone and blood and meat are all i really know,


verse 3:
G                                               C   D       G    
gonna' bathe and shave and dress myself and eat solo, every night,
G                              C               D 
unplug the phone, sleep alone, stay way out of sight,
C                   D       C                   D   
sure it gets kinda' lonley, yeah it's sorta' sick
    G                                C                 D
bein' on your own one and only, is a selfish, dirty trick


and that's it. I hope it worked for you. that was my first tab ever.