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One Time One Night Chords

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From: rmvillal@nyx.cs.du.edu (Raoul Villalpando)
Subject: CRD: One Time, One Night (Los Lobos)

One Time, One Night from the Album By the Light of the Moon.

Intro:  D (11 measures)
	G (1 measure)
	D (4 measures)

Verse 1
  D					G
A wise man was telling stories to me
 	  A				       G	D
about the places he had been to and the things that had seen


    D					G
A quiet voice is singing something to me
   A					    G			D
An age old song 'bout the brave in this land here of the free,
        G	  A	    D
One time one night in America 

Verse 2
A lady dressed in white with the man she loves 
Standing along the side of their pick up truck
      D			     G 
A shot rang out in the night
	  D			 G
Just when everything seemed right
	  D		     A		D
Another headline written down in America

Verse 3

The guy that lived next door in three o five
took the kids to the park and disappeared 'bout half past nine 
   D		  G	   D			G
Who will ever know how much she loved them so
D		     A		D
That dark night alone in America
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Verse 4

Four small boys playing ball in the parking lot
A preacher, a teacher, and the other became a cop
     D			   G
A car skidded into the rain
	   D			  G
Making the last little one a saint
D		       A	  D
One more light goes out in America 

Verse 5

A young girl tosses a coin in the wishing well
She hopes for a heaven while for her there's just this hell
	D	      G	    D			G
She gave away her life to become somebody's wife
  D		A		  D
Another wish unanswered in America


People having so much faith
		      G			 D
Die too soon while all the rest come late
We write a song that no one sings
				G				A
On a cold black stone where a lasting peace will finally bring

Guitar Solo
A (3 measures)
G (1 measure)
D (7 measures)
G (1 measure)
D (1/2 measure)
G (1/2 measure)
A (1 measure)
D (1 measure)

Verse 6

The sunlight plays upon my window pane
I wake up to a world that's still the same
   D			   G
My father said to be strong
	D			    G
That a good man could never do wrong
       D		   A	      D
In a dream I had last night in America

Verse 1

D         G         A  
  One time one night in America
D	  G	    A
  One time one night in America 

Outro:	D (Until fadeout)

Enjoy	rmvillal@nyx.cs.du.edu
	Raoul Villalpando