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Date: Sun, 8 Oct 1995 16:54:29 +0100
From: kleine@cs.utwente.nl (Erik E.F.J. Klein)
Subject: los_lobos/la_bamba_intro.tab

"the intro riff from "La Bamba" by "Los Lobos"
Posted by Erik Klein (kleine@cs.utwente.nl) from the Netherlands.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/l/los_lobos/la_bamba_tab_ver_5.html ]
The chords were already posted, but the cool riff was missing, so here it is.
The timing will probably suck, but with some trial and error, you should get it.

 E |----------------------------|----------------------------|
 B |----------------------------|----------------------------|
 G |-------------0--------2p0---|----------------------------|
 D |----------------2--3--------|-------33220----------------|
 A |---0--2--3------------------|--0-2-----------------------|
 E |3---------------------------|3---------------------------|