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Brandy Chords

Brandy - Looking Glass
Tabbed By Zack Feldman
No Capo

There is a lot that's similar form the other tab out there, however this one is 
exclusively chords and I fixed some areas that I felt were mistakes.  Please rate 
this, whether good or bad!  Thanks!

	C#m   A    F#m
	C#m     A     

	A	E	F#m	A
	---Wordless lyrics---

	         E   G#m   F#m     C#m
	Theres a port on a western bay
               F#m   A          F#m    A
	And it serves a hundred ships a day
               E      G#m       F#m  G#m  C#m
	Lonely sailors pass the time a    way
            F#m   A          E
	And talk about their homes

	Theres a girl in this harbor town
	And she works laying whiskey down
	They say Brandy, fetch another round
	She serves them whisky and wine.
	The sailors say
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 		C#m7    F#m         A
	Chorus:	Brandy, you're a fine girl (you're a fine girl)
		       C#m7     F#m          A
		What a good wife you would be (such a fine girl)
		E                        B
		Your eyes could steal a sailor from the sea

	A	E	F#m	A

	Brandy wears a braided chain
	Made of finest silver from the north of spain
	A locket that bears the name of the man that Brandy loves
	He came on a summers day - bearing gifts - from far away
	But he made it clear he couldnt stay
	The harbor was his home
        The sailors say


	        Yea, Brandy used to watch his eyes
		     A                B
		As he told his sailor stories
		She could feel the ocean fall and rise
		    A              B
		She saw its raging glory
		    C#m7          D
		But he had always told the truth
		        C#m7          A
		Lord he was an honest man
		   E                 B
		And Brandy does her best to understand

	A	E	F#m	A

	At night when the bars close down
	Brandy walks through a slient town
	And loves a man who's not around
	She still can hear him say
	She hears him say...