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Putting On The Style Chords

NOTE: I did NOT make this tab, I got it from http://bettylou.zzruss.com/donegan.htm, but 
I decided to post it here since it wasn't here before, and since I'm becoming a fan, 
it's easier for me as well this way. Great Skiffle from the king!

  D                                         A
Sweet sixteen goes to church just to see the boys
                                 A7           D
laughs and screams and giggles at every little noise.
                             D7             G
Turns her face a little, and turns her head awhile,
   A (stop)
but everybody knows she's only putting on the style.
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 D                                          A
She's putting on the agony, putting on the style,
                                    A7             D
that's what all the young folks are doing all the while.
                          D7                G
And as I look around me I sometimes have to smile.
A                           A7           D
seeing all the young folks putting on the style.

 D                                          A
Young man in the hot-rod car, driving like heís mad
                                    A7             D
With a pair of yellow gloves heís borrowed from his dad
                          D7                G
He makes it roar so lively just to see his girlfriend smile
A (stop)
But she knows heís only putting on the style

Preacher in the pulpit roars with all his might

Sing Glory Hallelula with the folks all in a fright

Now you might think heís satan thatís coming down the aisle

But itís only our poor preacher, boys, itís putting on his style