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Stupid Chords

Artist: The Long Winters
Song: Stupid
Album: Treats
Tabbed by: Don Tago
Email: recebedou@yahoo.com

Tuning: EADGBe (standard)

A5:  5776--
C#m: 44665-
D:   000232
E:   022100
F:   1332--
G5:  3554--

Intro: A5-E-A5-E-A5-E

Verse 1:
A5        C#m  E    D
   She has     no idea she could make me do anything
A5         C#m                 E        D
   She acts     like itís the simplest thing for me to be there
A5               C#m           E           D
   You tell me no   That Iím a fool to go calling her, and calling her
A5        C#m            E         D
   You can    call me stupid when she tells me it has to end
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A5         D
   Stupid,   you could call it that
A5         D
   Stupid,   but you have no idea
A5      D     A5       E        A5     D          A5    E     
   How stupid I would feel, if fifteen years from now I see her
    A5       D              A5       F                G5  A5 E A5 E    
And she says why didnít it happen between us, stupid?

Verse 2: Use verse 1 chord structure
New York soon will hum
The electric car has come
She laughs when I pretend to fall
You call me out
Let her down easy please, canít you see she believes?
My friend, you called me stupid then 
But youíre the one that doesnít see

Chorus: Repeat above chorus once

Bridge/Solo Chords: A5-C#m-E-D x2, then 
                    A5-C#m-E, them

Repeat Chorus: (with some variation) to fade out,,,