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Waterfall Chords

/Tab: Waterfall/
/Artist: Long Addiction/
/Written by: Paul Curtis-Harper/
/Copyright: Paul Curtis-Harper & Long Addiction/


/Intro/E/B/D/A/ x2

/Verse 1/

E                                         B                        D                     A
Waterfall is coming down, water falling all around, on the ground
Rivers flowing like a stream, makes it feel like a dream, but its real
I look down and all around for you, then i see theres nothing new,    Theres nothing i can do
Be afraid just make it through the day, theres nothing you can say,
To make me turn away

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       E B             D                                 A
Cos i know, the waterfall can give you hope
And i know, why the rivers they, no longer flow
No longer

/Verse 2/

E                                          B                     D                         A
Outside the air is clean and we, follow our dreams, you and me
Rapids flow the boat goes down, you shout for help around,
On the ground
Lost at sea you don?t know what to do, you hope they look for you,
You hope they think of you
Rocks ahead you don?t think you?ll survive, you think your gonna die,
Your not gonna die



No longer x8

The waterfall can give you hope x4

No longer

/E/B/D/A/ x8

Thats it folks nice and easy.

Watch out the debut Long Addiction album ?Fight for your Sanity? out
Late 2002.

Paul Curtis-Harper