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I Need You Chords

This is a beatiful song written by Ben Jose, so enjoy it!!!! its meaningful
and brilliant.

 I couldn't show you the way
F                 C                    Bb
 You made me feel each and every day
                         F                     C         Bb
I missed you when we were apart
              F                 B               Bb
You had such a big part of my heart
               F                C              Bb
But now I've lost you, I don't know how to get you back,
                     Gm                                                         Bb
Those words you said to me what could I say to that?
                           Gm                                               Bb
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Cos I never meant to hurt you
F              C                     Bb
I never meant to see you cry
              F                C        Bb
But did you ever think that you'd hurt me?
                       F                C            Bb
Could you see the pain I felt inside? Cause I
                 F                C               Bb              C
I need you right here by my, side I will swallow my pride,
  Gm                       Bb                                          C

You were always there when I needed you
  F              C                     Bb
A friend that I could always call
    F              C                     Bb
But whos gonna be there for me now?
F              C                     Bb
Who's gonna catch me when I fall?
F              C                     Bb

Piano Solo:

Gm	Bb	F	F7	Bb	F	D	Am	D	F	
D	Am
D	Bb

So will I ever see your face again?
F              C                     Bb
Wake up with you by my side?
F                  C                         Bb
Cos I jus cant live without you,
F            C                     Bb
I've lost count of the nights that I have cried
F                   C                     Bb				C

Cos I need you, and I miss you, and I need to be with you
F                         C                           Bb                       C         
                                X 3

I need to be with you now
F              C                     Bb

F	C	F 	Bb	F	Bb	C	F