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Everythings Changed Chords

Everythings Changed

Intro:  F    Dm    Bb      F    Dm    Bb

F               Dm                   Bb                    F
Funny you should show up, after all of these years
Gm7             Bb                                  F              Bb
Yeah, things sure have changed around here
F              Dm                        Bb                      F
Seen a lot stranger since they put that interstate through
      Gm7                     F/A  Bb                F
No, this ain't the same town that we once knew

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        C                   F                        Dm
They put up a plant where we used to park
That 'ol drive-in's a new Wal-Mart
       C                  F                                     Dm7           
    Bb              C
The cafe is closed where our name are carved on that corner booth
          Gm7                       Bb                                F
Yeah, everythings changed except for the want I feel about you

That westbound Sante-Fe, don't stop here anymore
You were the last to get onboard
The street that we grew up on, you wouldn't recoginze
Girl, nothings been the same, since you said goodbye


Gm7                        Bb                                F
Everythings changed except for the way I feel about you

Outro:  F    Dm    Bb    C