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Come Crying To Me Chords

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Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 04:23:29 -0500 (EST)
From: Richard W Cyr 
Subject: PRO:Come Cryin' To Me(by Lonestar)

Come Cryin' To Me by Lonestar
>From the Album: Crazy Nights(1997 BMG)
Song written by(Rich,Wilson, Sanders)-BMI/ASCAP
Transcribed by Richard W. Cyr (rcyr@uoguelph.ca)


			Come Cryin' To Me	LoneStar

[Capo on 2nd]
Music Intro:[A-E-F#m-D] x 2

[A]I can see it in your eyes
[D]You're living a troubled life
[D]And you've been hurtin' more and more these [A]days
[A]You don't have to hide it
[D]Don't even have to fight it
Baby all you have to do is just [F#m]turn and walk a[E]way
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Chorus:	[A]When you're tired of it [E]all   
	And tears need to [F#m]fall
	Your back's to the [D]wall   
	Come cryin' to [A]me
	You don't have to be [E]strong  
	You don't have to hold[F#m]on
	When you've been there too [D]long  
	Come cryin' to me-[F#m]
	I'll leave the [D]living room light- [F#m] 
	[B]Burning all night
	[A]No don't even [E]pack    	
	Don't even look [F#m]back
	Baby [D]come [E]cryin' to [A]me

Music:[A-E-F#m-D] x 1

[A]You can get beyond this
[D]All those empy promises
They don't have to hold you down no [A]more
[A]Nothin' to explain to me
[D]You don't even need a key
All you gotta do is knock and [F#m]I'll unlock the [E]door


Music:[A-E-F#m-D] x 2

[F#m]I'll leave the [D]living room light-[F#m]     
[B]Burning all night
[A]No don't even [E]pack   
Don't even look [F#m]back
Baby [D]come [E]cryin' to [A]me-[E-F#m]
Baby [D]come [E]cryin' to [A]me-[E-F#m]
Baby [D]come [E]cryin' to [A]me-[E-F#m]...fade