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Dixie Storms Chords

                         DIXIE STORMS - Lone Justice

Transcribed by: Anne Drury
Email: zerofret_ad@hotmail.com
Date: October 6, 2005

Written by: Maria McKee
CD: "Shelter"     (1986, Geffen Records)


G      D   C      G


G             D  C
I received a letter
G             D  C
Like so many others
      C                        G
Mama said, "How's life in the city?
C                  G
My your sister's grown
            Am                C            G      C   G
And you've just missed those awful Dixie storms
                   Am            C            D      Dsus4   D
Thank God they've passed, those awful Dixie storms"


G          D     C
I left so long ago
G               D         C
I've forgotten just what for
   C                    G
Except when a big city beckons
     C                    G
You have no choice but to go
     Am          C             G      C   G
And here, there are no Dixie storms
      Am          C             G
Thank God, there are no Dixie storms

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          Em  D        G
And the smoke on the street
          Em     D     A     Am
Makes me wonder why I stay away
            C             G
From those gentle Dixie storms


(G)     D   C    /    G     D   C

C     G     C     G

Am    C

G       D   C    /    G     D   C


 G          D   C
When I was younger
 G           D  C
How I would wonder
      C                  G
What made the sweet Georgia rain
 C               G
Make me feel so warm
    Am       C             G     C   G
And how God made a Dixie storm
    Am     C                  G      G
And how I loved those Dixie storms


 D       Em    D       G    G
And the rumble in the sky
 D        Em     D      A
Brings a shudder to my soul
    Am     C                  G
Oh, how I loved those Dixie storms

Am     C     G    /    Am   G


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their interpretation of the song.)