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Spider And The Fly Chords

spider and the fly
by LAM

(i couldn't find the best chords for this song... 
and i tried to play it like this...
chords are easyer and at least IMO it sounds ok for me...)
tabbed by: Gothic Autumn

Am                 C
Empty hearts I can hear them talking
F                       Dm
I close my eyes and I keep on stalking
Am   C    F   Dm
my love, my love

Am                    C
no one's aware of the hunger I feel
F                       Dm
it's something you or time cannot heal
Am                 C             F         Dm   
I need someone to help me rise above

Eternal bliss is something I can show you

spread your arms and let my wings enfold you

my love, my love

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In the darkness shades of crimson rapture

the world is ours alone to capture
Am     F    Dm
my love, my love

Am                         C
Come over here and let me tell you something
Em           Dm
nothing ever comes of nothing
Am                 C              F     Dm
we pay a price for all our choices made

Am                 C
come along now and take my hand
Em                Dm
I'll lead you to a promised land
Am                       C           Dm 
the morning after it may never come again,
                 Am   C  F  Dm
never be the same...

Am       C        
tell me, tell me
F       Dm
my love...