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Dannys Song Chords

Danny's Song

I dont' remember what the original key is, because I
transposed it so long ago, but this suits my vocal

Capo 4th fret

[G]People smile and [F]tell me I'm the [Em]lucky one
And we've [A7]just begun, think I'm gonna [D]have a son 
[G]He will be like [F]she and me, as [Em]free as a dove, 
Con[A7]ceived in love, sun is gonna [D]shine above 

[C]And even though we [D]ain't got money 
[G] I'm so in [Em]love with ya, honey 
And [C]everything will [D]bring a chain of [G]love    [Em]
[C]And in the mornin' [D]when I rise 
[G]  You bring a tear of [F]joy to my eyes 
And [Em]tell me, [A7]every[D]thing is gonna be alright 
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[G] Seems as though a [F]month ago I was [Em]Beta-Chi
[A7]Never got high, oh, I was a [D]sorry guy 
[G]And now a smile, a [F]face, a girl that [Em]shares my name 
Now I'm [A7]through with the game, this boy will never [D]be the same


[G] Pisces, Virgo [F]rising is a [Em] very good sign 
[A7] Strong and kind, and the little [D]boy is mine 
[G] Now I see a [F] family where there [Em] once was none 
Now we've [A7] just begun, yeah we're gonna [D]fly to the sun


[G] Love the girl who [F]holds the world in a [Em]paper cup 
[A7]Drink it up, love her and she'll [D]bring you luck 
[G] And if you find she [F]helps your mind, better [Em]take her home 
Don't you [A7]live alone, try to earn what [D]lovers own