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Good Friend Chords

Food Friend - by loggins and messina
            - tabbed by jlofgren@cfl.rr.com
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the C during the verse is jazzed a bit with 
playing it barre-only
on the first 2 strokes  x88xxx-811988  or A#-C if your fast
Intro: C F D#  C F D#
i had a good friend
some time ago
we had a good thing 
              G        F
and we let it sho-o-ow
oh i was fool
i let him go
      A#             E  C  D#-sustain
oh-oh-oh how i miss him so
--silent----- C
i had a woman
whose love was strong
she gave me my freedom
and i did her wro-o-ong
oh i was fool
i let her go
oh-oh-oh how i miss her so

i knew a fine man 
so strong and spry
he ran for election 
and he lost his li-i-ife
oh i was a fool  (STOP)
i let him go
woah how i miss him so