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A Love Song Chords

A Love Song  ( Loggins and Messina )    

Capo on II
Intro:  D - AEmABmAD  

(D) There's a wren in a willow wood
(A) Flies so high and (Em) sings so good
 And he (A) brings to you what he (Em) sings to (A) you

(D) And the love in his lullaby
(A) Seem to tell me if I try , I could (Em) fly for (A) you
Lover I wanna (Em) try for (A) you 'cause

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(D) I wanna sing you a (Em) love (A) song
I wanna (Em) rock you in my arms (A) all night (D) long
I wanna get to (Em) know (A) you
I wanna (Em) show you the (A) peaceful feelin' of my (D) home

(D) Summer thunder on moon-bright days
(A) Northern lights and (Em) skies ablaze
And I (A) bring to you, lover, when I (Em) sing to (A) you
(D) Silver wings in a fiery sky
(A) Show the trail of my (Em) love and I
(A) Sing to you, love is what (Em) I bring to (A) you
And I wanna (Em) sing to (A) you, oh

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By Andrew Gunesberk – 25 May 2003