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                    Carry Me    (John Lodge)

      F#m7/B  /  /  /  E  /  /  /
     [                             ]  x2

    E                B           F#m7         B
%    Make me the captain of your pirate ship
     Show me your island of a thousand names
     Still is the new day as the dawn unfolds

    E                B                  F#m7     B
     Paint all the clouds the colour of "no"
     Washed by the tide of time gone by
     Gone is the white horse that carried us home

    E              B                F#m7         B
     Drift on the warm wind of your secret world
     High on your mountain we can share the view
     Lost to the morning all your deepest fears

    E                  B                   F#m7
     Hang on to your star stream, make the sun re-appear
     There for a short while, in the corner of an eye
     Watched over safely, by the words of a prayer
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               B               A
     Make the dark disappear from my night sky
     Is a dream passing by in my night sky
     And the love that we share in our night sky

          F#m7  B         E     G#m7      F#m7   B
     Fly away,   fly away, carry me, carry me

    E     G#m7      F#m7   B
   [ Carry me, carry me      ]  (1)Go %(2)
                                (3)Repeat and fade

 F#m7              B      E             G#m7
     Would you believe me, would you believe when I tell you

 F#m7              B      E             G#m7
     Would you believe me, would you believe when I tell you

     F#m7                 B        E  /  /  /
     All the dreams you found are mine

     G#m7  /  F#m7  /  B  /  E  /

          G#m7      F#m7  /  B  /  E  /  /  /  F#m7/B  /  /  /  E  /  /  /
     Carry me, carry me                                                  Go %(3)

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               Shelley Giblin
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