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Alex Lloyd - Green

Play most of this on barre chords apart from the occasional natural C (C*).

Transcribed by Dan Anders-Brown (For Libby)

Chords Used:

	C*	C	Cm	G	F	Am	A#	Am7	Cmadd*

E	0	3	3	3	1	0	1	0	3
B	1	5	4	3	1	1	3	1	4
G	0	5	5	5	2	2	3	0	6
D	2	5	5	5	3	2	3	2	5
A	3	3	3	4	3	0	1	X	X
E	X	3	3	3	1	0	1	X	X



			Play X4


G     C             G 
 this house is your own

      C          G 
still living alone

   C              G
it don’t make you sad

    C            Am          
but I think it’s good to be green
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G    C         G
 the summer is gone

    C              G
and spring don’t belong

    C          G
the traces are here

for long winter

I miss the green

it used to be clean


if you wanna be free

please don’t fall for me

F          A#
i could be anyone

Am7      Gm
but your friend

if you open the door

I’ll give a whole lot more

F          A#
I could be anyone

Am7    Cm     Cmadd*
anyone yeaaaaah


the assumption is good
though not likelihood
and my feeling is true
I want to be living
with you

the truth it begins
we’re breathing it in
with shadows of doubt
in time we will
All miss the green
it used to be clean


A#     Cm
Anyone Anyone

F      A# A# A# Cm     
Anyone No no no


Anyone Anyone
Anyone No no no

seeing is believing
the feeling is deceiving
you know it’s the truth
when you find that you
can’t talk
leaving on this
all into chaos
seeing is feeling is
seeing is you

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