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Yellow Chords

Yellow by Llama Farmers

I didn't find any tab for this song so I just tried tabbing it myself.

Chords used:

    F - 133211
asus2 - x02200
csus2 - x35533
    G - 355433
    D - x57xxx
    C - x35xxx
  C/B - x25xxx
    G - 35xxxx

chorus riff: (I'm not quite sure about this riff but it sounds alright)  

                                I'm falling/
yellow...                       Save my hand

    D               C     C/B   C                   G

Intro: 2x F asus2 csus2 G

Verse 1:
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/l/llama_farmers/yellow_crd.html ]
            F                        asus2
Well I've tried and I've tried and I cannot conceive.
         csus2                      G
'Coz the air that I breathe is the air that I bleed.
          F                        asus2                        csus2      G
And I've lied and I've lied and I just can't believe,that you went away. 
            F              asus2
And I've danced and I've danced all upon the blue skies. 
          csus2                    G
And I've looked at the sun, I've looked at the stars. 
       F                        asus2      csus2     G(1 stroke)
And I still can't believe how naive, I am....                   yellow 

Chorus:  repeat chorus riff 4 times

I'm falling.... yellow 
save my hand.... yellow 
I'm falling.... yellow 
Take my hand. 

Verse 2:
        F                          asus2
I've looked in the mirror and I've seen a pale face.
        csus2                       G
And my minds drifted back to that...  secret place.
             F                       asus2                csus2       G
Where you'd hold me and tell me the ground,.. wasn't too far away. 
          F                            asus2
And I believed all the times that you helped me come down. 
    csus2                     G
I drowned in the rain and I flew far away. 
      F                    asus2     csus2     G(1 stroke)
I'm still quite amazed how well, I am....                   Yellow. 

Chorus:  repeat chorus riff 8 times

I'm falling.... yellow 
Save my hand.... yellow 
I'm falling.... yellow 
Take my hand. 

Yellow.... I'm falling 
Yellow.... take my hand.  
end with G