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~From: (Elder Luis Bernardinelli)

MIDDLE MAN (V. Reid, C. Glover)
by Living Colour

>From album "DREAD"

Intro and the rest of the music

B---------------------------------|   Repeat
G---------------------------------|     n
D---------1-----------------------|   times
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                        ELDER LUIS BERNARDINELLI


I don't have a need to be the best
Don't want to be just like the rest
Just stay who I am
Just an ordinary Middle Man

Give me the happy medium
Don't want to be the one who's leading them
I've got no master plan
Just a simple Middle Man

Standing on a fine line between this and that
Just biding my time waiting for a sign
To tell me that I'm something special

My ideas are mine alone
Not yours, not theirs, but I care
I hurt for you, but not with you
I love that thing that's inside you
But I'm not your fan
I'm a stranger in a strange land
I'm your Middle Man

But I'm not your fan
I'm a stranger in a strange land
I am your Middle Man