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Run To The Water Chords

Song: Run to the water
Artist: Live
Written by Ed Kowalczyk

I've seen some postings of this song, but they were nasty. So here's 
my attempt. I think it's correct. Live tunes guitars down half a step, 
but the chords are named as per standard tuning.


C 032010  C/B 020010  Am 002210

There's a little twist on the B-string in the first fret in the 
intro and ending. Just a little hammeron-pulloff. If you know the 
song, you'll know what I'm talking about.


F 133211  G  355433
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In the second and third prechorus, the beats are longer on the F 
and G just before the chorus. Again if listen to the song you'll 
figure it out.


Csus2: 335533;  G:  355433; Am:  577555; F 133211

The first Prechorus ends on Am:

"give no mercy to your fear"

Just before the intro riff starts again, and so does the first 

               Am             F                      Am
"These streets below the moon, these streets below the moon..."

The rest of the song after the second chorus is Csus2, G, Am, F, 
and it ends on C with the little twist i referred to earlier.
Sorry I can't out in all the lyrics, but I hope this makes sense.

Live long and prosper.