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Mirror Song Chords

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From: Lee Eugene T 

Mirror Song

here's my interpretation:

Capo 1
(D-G alternating)
I know that i should think about giving think about helping out
think about living but i-i-i-i, cant seem to rescue my self.
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E				G      A      D
what about my bank account, and my holy desert shield,
D		  A        G
that keeps me dry under the arms....
Bm	        A               D
flags and mental jewelry is all i know
G		Bm           E
and they keep me happy and warm inside

verse uses same chords:  (D-G alternating)


at the end of the song
G			      F#
at least they said they would said they could 
G		     F#
mama said they would do me good........

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not too sure about the chorus part and feel free to make corrections.
this should help you though.