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Lightning Crashes Chords

You can either play the whole chord or jus the power chord o these three
F 133211
C x35533
G 355433

Listen to Song to get rhythm

F               C                              G
    Lightning Crashes..... an new mother cries
F             C                        G
    Hopeless center falls to the floor
 F         C                            G                       F
              The angel opens her eyes....The confusion sets in
           C                               G
Before the doctor can even close the door
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F               B                      G
   Lightning crashes a old mother dies
F       B                           G
  Her in tensions fall, to the floor 
F        B                        G                                F
           The angel closes her eyes , the confusion that was hers
           B                         G
belongs now to the baby down the hall

F       C       G
Whoa I feel it, comin back again
F       C       G  
 Like a rollin, thunder chasing the wind
F      C                   G                         F
Forces pulling towards the center of the earth again
      C      G
I can Feel it

Verse 2
Lightning Crashes, a new mother cries
In this moment she's been waiting for
The angel opens her eyes
pale blue colored eyes
presents the circle, and puts the glory out to hide, hide