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Lightning Crashes Bass Tab

Lightning Crashes
by Live

transcribed by Lisa Knappe
Playin the low-end for "Bent" Jacksonville, FL

Here is the core of this song there are a couple variations that he
plays, ie: over the solo but this will getcha through the song sounding

Lightning Crashes
Live from Throwing Copper

***NOTE**** the bass and drums do not enter until the end of the 2nd
verse.....when the vocals go "her intentions fall to the floor" 
slide in from the 12th to 2 on the E string...Remember the ONLY way
to make this song work when you play it out is to make it build in 
intensity so start out SOFT!!! and play wide open at the end.....I
start out clean with the tone low and end up with deep chorus and 
wide open vol & tone also sounds rather bad ass with some flange. 
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G-----|-----|-----   ||
D---- |-----|-----   || follow the guitar changes here & repeat  
A---- |-2-2-|-----   ||  ad nauseum....stay on the f# when the guitar
E -0-0|-----|-2-2-2-2||  does....

oh now feel it coming ...blah blah 
G-----|---- |----||
D-----|---- |----||  These changes are right on the vocals
A-----|--22 |----||  and are the same notes as the verse but 
E-00- |---- |-2-2||  different rhythm


G-------|------|------|------|--------------|I play this in time
D-------|------|------|------|--------------|with the kick. just
A-------|------|------|------|-----2-2------|listen to your drummer.

Kick in the volume  on the last 3 choruses and try to look like you're
groovin on a song that is REALLY hard to play :) 

Ciao -