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Princess Of Little Italy Chords

Song: Princess Of Little Italy
Artist: Little Steven
Album: Men Without Women

Tabbed by: Liftmeup
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So here the updated version is:
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C#m                       E     C#m                         E
Guess you'll be all right baby, sometimes you're such a bad girl
                       A           B                  C#m
You really should have called, you know how your mama worries
C#m                    E    C#m              E        
You think I don't know baby and I don't understand
                 A           B                   C#m
Well I was there once too, I know life can be so hard girl

C#m          A         F#m             A              
She wants to run away, and she's gonna change her name
F#m             C#m                                     E
And forget everything she was, but your blood stays the same, my love
               A         B           C#m
Someday she'll marry somebody that's just like daddy
          A        E         F#m                           C#m
She's the princess of Little Italy, trying to find her way 

If I ever will be able to get the thumb out out my ass I will put up a tab of the song here.