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Forever Chords

Song: Forever
Artist: Little Steven
Album: Men Without Women

Well, I don't think that this is the original key(actually, I believe it's Eb),
but I use to play the song with those chords. Have fun!

     E           F#m              D          F#m E             
I'll give you my heart, would you love me fore - ver

B                      A         E
I learned when I was a young boy
B                           A       E
You turn your cheek you get slapped
B                    A          E
I take the punches I can't slip
B                   A    E
And I give it right back
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A         B                     E                     C#m
Even if I win girl, you know it really won't mean too much
     A           F#m                G#m                B
What I want baby most of all is the only thing I can't touch

     E           F#m             D          F#m E
If I give you my heart would you love me fore - ver
          E           F#m         D       F#m E
Would you pick up the pieces if I stumble and fall
      E            F#m            D         F#m  E
If my world falls apart could you keep it toge - ther
     E          F#m              D      F#m E
If I can't have you I don't want no one at  all