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Fear Chords

Song: Fear
Arist: Little Steven
Album: Voice Of America

(repeat over verses)

In this jungle we're slave to ploitics
And we call ourselves civilized
If you ain't got the muscle
Fear is gonna run your life

Fear makes me wanna hurt you
Fear makes you wanna hurt me
Fear makes you swallow whatever you're handed
Fear keeps you angry 'cause you don't understand it
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Em				       D
Got no chance if we're fighting on the wrong side
Got no chance if we're fighting
       D          G5
On the wrong side again

         A5    G5                        A5 G5
Can you taste it? (I can almost taste it)
                                     A5  G5    
I can almost taste it (I can almost taste it)

Taste like(what's it taste like?)

Taste like... 
           G5 A5
Taste like Fear!

(continue as before)