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Today Is The Day Chords

Today is the Day
By George Neal
From Little Grizzly's "I’d be Lying If I Said I Wasn’t Scared"
Intro- D A
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(D)When you were (A)young, Sunday (D)after church with your (A) mother (repeat throughout)
Chore day at the house for you and your sister
She’d mow alone reciting freshly-learned Bible verses
You’d mow alone and say to yourself


(D)“Today is the (A)day,
I e(D)merge
As no ot(A)her!
(D) Now’s the (A)time
I’m not my(D)self” (A)

All alone in your dorm room, Elton John poster,
“NO PARENTS” sign on your door
How you talked, how you looked
So much like your mother
The foreign swell of daylight, you’d say to yourself