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Shes Away Chords

She’s Away
By George Neal
From Little Grizzly's "I’d Be Lying If I Said I Wasn’t Scared" 

Play D throughout the verses - I don’t know how to tab, 
but you pick each string like so -4 3 4 3 4 3 4 2-
pretty easy pattern to nail down.

She’s away
Held up from the outside
In by a toothpick tissue paper exoskeleton
All alone
In her poolside bungalow
Trophied suntanned does what she is told

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The (C)line to getting (G)old ain’t straight or (D)clear
Half-life of my (C)heartache forms (G)traces in the (D)air
And I’d be (C)lying if I (G)said I wasn’t (D)scared
Fear, like elec(C)tricity
Makes a (G)halo of my (D)hair

In my dreams eyes swim in acetylene 
With a blank spaces of all the places I’ve never been
In my skull is a tiny hole
When the wind blows my body rings and tolls


All along
You though you knew that all the world was a golden hue
If you’re old enough to dream, then you’re old enough to follow
Finally finding out everything is hollow