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Truck Stop Girl Chords

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Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 12:39:40 -0500 (EST)
Subject: TAB: 'Truck Stop Girl' by 'Little Feat'

written by Lowell George

* I have to admit that this version is played in a more similar fashion t=
o the Kelly Willis/Jay Farrar version on "Rig Rock Deluxe".

His [G]tail lights [D]flickered as he [G]pulled into the [D]truck stop
[G]Same old crowd was [D]hangin out a[A]gain tonight
He said [G]fill up my tank while I [Bm]go check my [A]load
[A]Feels [G]like it's [Bm]shiftin [A]all a[D]round
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[G]Was the [A]kind of [D]man [A]do what he [Bm]could
A[G]bove all he had [D]integri[A]ty
[G]He was so [D]young on a [Bm]10 city [A]run
In [G]love with a [D]truck stop [a]girl  [G] [D]

[G]As he went in[D]side he was [G]nearly [D]greeted
[G]By the one with [D]whom he was in [A]love
[G]She held out a [D]glass & said [Bm]have a[A]nother
[A]This [G]is the [Bm]last time [A]we can [D]meet

With her [G]hair [A]piled up [D]high the [A]look in her [Bm]eye
[G]Turn any [D]good man's blood to [A]wine
[G]All his [A]eyes could [D]see  All his [G]eyes could [A]see
Was the [G]stares of [D]those all around [G]him  [A] [D]

[D]Ran out [A]to the [G]lot   [G]Got in[A]to his [D]rig
[D]Drove off without [G]tightening [D]down
Was a [G]terr[A]ible [D]thing to see [A]what re[G]mained
Of the rig that poor [A]Danny was [D]in

[G]He was so [D]young on a [Bm]10 city [A]run
In [G]love with a [D]truck stop [a]girl  [G] [D]

Yes[G]he was so [D]young on a [Bm]10 city [A]run
In [G]love with a [D]truck stop [a]girl  [G] [D]