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Roll Um Easy Chords

Roll Um Easy
Little Feat - originally Open A tuning play off E A B7
This is a way to play standard tuning
Capo 4 

C	     F/C
Oh I am just a vagabond, 
  F	         C
a drifter on the run
     C	     F/C
And eloquent profanity, 
   G7		      C
it rolls right off my tongue.
    C		 F/C
And I have dined in palaces,  
      F			  C
drunk wine with kings and queens

    C		G7
But Darlin', oh Darlin',
G7			     C 
you're the best thing I ever seen.
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           F         C
Won't you roll me easy
    F	      C
oh slow and easy.
Take my independence,
	     F/C         C/ G7
with no apprehension, no tension.
You're a walking,talking dream in 
paradise sweet paradise.

C	          F/C
I've been across this country 
     F		   C
from Denver to the ocean,
      C	     F/C		      F/C
and I never met girls that could sing so sweet 
	 G7		     C
like the angels that live in Houston.
	F         C	  F         C
Singing roll me easy, so slow and easy
	 F		 C  /G7
Play the concertina be a temptress
    F	       C		
and Baby I'm defenseless.
Singin' harmony
   F/   C
in uni--son
sweet harmony
gotta hoist the flag
	F	        C  /F/C
and I'll beat your drum.