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Brides Of Jezus Chords

Brides of Jesus
Little Feat
Little Feat - 1971

transcribed by Craig Bluff (

intro: F

Eb                                        Bb
Matthew stood by the wall and watched his love below

    G                              C                        F
Her pale hair came in golden rings down below her shoulders as she

C                        F        C                          F
waved and slowly turned around to find the path that led her to

    Bb                                    Bb   G
the ancient gate was closed.   She said, "Matthew,

C   G         C                      A
why won't you tell me what it is you see?

     D        A                  G         C       G
Your smile so wide, this figured grin, you look as if,

    C       D                  F     G      Ab   Bb            F
You look as if, you're looking right through me, why won't you tell me

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                  Bb G C             Ab       Bb   F
How it is you see        through the darkness all around me?

   Eb                     Bb
No amulets or chains will work to keep the demons from

   G                                             C
or hide the night-filled eyes from the Brides of Jesus

    F         C          F         C                    F
the Brides of Jesus, the Brides of Jesus, keep 'em over me.

 piano solo:
Eb   Bb   G     C     F C       F  C      F

Bb       G    C   F         C       A
Keep 'em over me, "Can't you see, on tender hooks,

D         A                   G         Gsus         G
and to be pleasure-bent," his voice, it scratched the air,

     D                 F                      Ab  Bb       F

"may bring you so much sorrow that you may be entertaining angels

               Bb G C     Ab Bb F