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Comletely Miserable Chords

these chords are all POWER CHORDS!! isn't right if you play a full barred chord...
the first three lines are played without distortion and then crank it up for the rest...

D   A       E              F#                     
                   You make me come
D    A      E               F#
                   You make me complete
D    A      E              F#                 D
                   You make me completely miserable
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                   Stuck to a chair
                   Watchin' this       story about me
                   Everything goes 
                   By so fast Making my head spin
                   Used up all of my friends
                   Who needs them when you mean everything

D                                A                C#                 D
                   I love the things that we should fear
D                                 A               C#       D   
                  And I'm not afraid of being here
 D                                     A
                  So much the same
  A                                        C#
                  It makes me helpless alone