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Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 04:24:24 -0800 (PST)
From: Jan-Louis Scheepers 
Subject: l/liquido/doubledecker.crd

here is the tab for double decker by liquido, please ad
it to your search engine it might by great help to some

song: double decker
band: liquido
from: jan louis scheepers (

This is my first tab, so it might not be verry accurate, also I think
I am the firs to post this tab, so here goes.

chord notation
[ Tab from: ]
   F  C  A#
e| x  x  x         
B| x  x  x        
G| x  x  x         
D| 3  10 8         
A| 3  10 8           
E| 1  8  6

the verses:

this might not be totally correct, if not just pick around on
the chords: F C A#

G|-------------------------------| "\" and "/" means sliding                    
D|------3-----8---------10-------| with just resting finger    
A|----3-----8-------10---------8-| on strings  

the chorus:

 F                     C              A#
big boy double decker making my heart go breaking....

and so on....

be sure to slide between chords, the is pretty easy,
just figure it out yourself with the song.

the outro riff is also just those three chordes, just different
timming than in chorus

song ends on a F

I hope this will help you play the song
anny comments or corrections can be sent to me at