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Four Gray Walls Chords

Four Gray Walls by Link Wray & His Ray Men. Link Wray,Mr  Guitar, some consider 
him the father of electric rock. Great song by a legend that I was surprised to 
not find on UG so this is my first tab/chord submission, I'm no pro, only been 
playing about 7months.. 
Please feel free to add another version or contact me for revisions. Enjoy.

The basic three chords of the song are Dm, C, G. With the chorus G, C, Dm.

The rhythm of the song(*) is played at the beginning of each of the Dm chords.
*Dm x2, then keep fingering but lift index finger to play open e 1x, 
then Dm 1x, then Dm with pinky on e string 3rd fret 1x. Dm 1x, lift index again 1x, Dm 1x.

For chorus base line(%) pick each string 1x; 
E 3fr, A 2fr, open D, A 2fr, open D, 
A 3fr, D 2fr, open G, D 2fr, open D 4x, D 2fr, open D, A 3fr, open D.  

You can listen and play along with it at the link below.

Four Gray Walls.  Link Wray & His Ray Men.
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Intro: Dm * Dm *
Dm           C         G                Dm*
When I was a young boy, I went out on my own
Dm         C                 G               Dm*
I got into trouble, I didn't know right from wrong
G                  C        Dm*
I've got this prison for my home.
Dm                   C                 G        Dm*           
I got off a train in Memphis, I didn't know the town
Dm             C              G          Dm*   
I met a pretty young girl, to show me around
G           C         Dm*    
To show me around the town.
Dm             C                 G          Dm*
She said I know where, there's a light upon me
Dm                  C              G           Dm*
It's in the Memphis bank, come and rob it with me
G                  C                       Dm*
I shot the guard, now they're coming after me.
Dm                       C         G           Dm*
If I had my life to live over, I'd be a better man
Dm                      C                G             Dm*
I wouldn't get into the trouble, and I'd try to understand
G                    C               Dm*
I wouldn't have this prison for my home.
G                C            Dm*
These four gray walls for my home