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Fallin' Rain
Link wray
Link Wray(now available on Wray's Three Track Shack)

This is a song from Link Wray's 1971 album. Mainly it's just the chords and the vocal 
line along with lyrics. I hope this helps. Enjoy.

Vocal melody line (based on E major)

  repeat first bar twice

         F#m       A            E          A               E
         F#m       A            E

(Strum E5)
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         F#m          A                E
I hear a sound, it's going, through my brain.

       F#m            A                   E
I hear talk of people, I feel the falling rain.

            A                                          E
I see a man crying, 'cause the whole world has let him down.

         F#m                 A         E
Kids are laughing at funny faces, of a clown.

My mind is like a spring in a clock, it won't unwind.
I can't see,  can't think, I can't feel, I'm out of time.
I'm up, then I'm down, now tell where it where it is going to end.
You say start at the, beginning, again, my friend.

I hear thunder, and I can feel the rain.
I can see angry faces, in the eyes of men.
And don't kid's stake, where kids lay, bleeding on the ground.
And there's no place on this planet, where peace can be found.

So there'll stabbings, and shootings, and young men, dying all aound.
And it keeps going through my brain, and I can still hear the sound.
I hear talking of people, the whole world has gone insane.
And all, there is left, is the falling rain.

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