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Disconnected Chords

Lindsay Lohan
2004 Hollywood Records
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Lindsay Lohan is an indie emo pop chick 
icon wheather you like it or nothahaha

Key: Eb

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Cm -   x35543
Bb -   x13331
Am7 -  x02213
Eb -   x68886
Fm -   133111
G# -   466544
Bb/D - x587xx

Intro: Cm-Bb-Am7-Eb-Fm- x2

Verse 1:
Cm          Bb
  Sleeping awake and 
 Am7            Eb     Fm
awake when I'm sleeping
Cm           Bb
  I've got a dry kind of 
Am7         Eb      Fm
thirst when drenched
Cm         Bb
  Oh sunny days all i 
    Am7       Eb   Fm
can see is a shadow
Cm             Bb         Fm(hold)
  and i'm not about being under

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Verse 2:
Cm               Bb
  and i'm at the brink 
         Am7           Eb   Fm
though i know that i'm empty
Cm             Bb
  and i always hide when 
     Am7        Eb  Fm
it's my turn to seek
Cm          Bb
  my only belief is not 
     Am7        Eb     Fm
do a thing in believing
Cm           Bb      Fm(hold)
  before i begin i'm over

Cm     G#   Eb  Bb
Broken off again
when i'm only not lonely 
          G#         Fm
when i'm lonely by myself
Cm      G#    Eb  Bb/D
now the pain again 
I always back draft forward 
cause all in all
i'm disconnected

Verse 2:
Cm        Bb
  Quietly loud while 
    Am7     Eb    Fm
i'm noisily silent
Cm                Bb
  keep holding my breath
          Am7       Eb     Fm
while i'm trying to breathe
Cm          Bb
  swimming against all of 
    Am7           Eb    Fm
the waves and the rapids
Cm       Bb           Fm(hold)
  I only win when I'm losing

(Repeat Chorus)

G#       Eb
  I just want to live 
my life sedated
cause i love 
          Cm    Bb
driving myself away
G#   Eb
  disfunctionally sane 
who gives a damn
I can't comprehend 
what I understand

(Repeat Chorus twice)