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Beautiful Life Chords

"Beautiful Life (La Bella Vita)"

Intro  A E F#m D
A     E        F#m     D
God wont talk to me
I gues she's pretty busy lately
I'd like to believe
She's listening

Verse 2
A        E        F#m    D 
I'm starting to feel
All of my bruises imagined or real
And I'll get through each day
I dig through the bad ones
To get to the good ones
   F#m                D
Who's keeping score anyway
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           A              E
And this is my beautiful life
                F#m          E       D
The only thing certain is everything changes
Lows and the highs
And all those goodbyes
                F#m         E         D
As hard as it gets I know it's still amazing
To be alive
It's a beautiful life

Verse 3
A      E      F#m     D
I talk in my sleep
That's the one place I know no one can hear me
I tell my self things
D                           F#m
Don't walk in the shadows, there's always tommorow
D                           F#m
And I'm right where I want to be

D                               F#m
Oh it hurts while it's happening I wanna feel everything
D                        F#m
How will you know 'til you try?