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Whats New Chords

Album;What's New (1983)
Capo 3rd fret 
Intro AMaj7,Adim,F#m7b5,D#m7,AMaj7,FM7,B7sus4,Adim
What's new?
Em7        G7    CMaj7           
How is the world treating you?
Bm7                   EmM7
You haven't changed a bit
F#m7b5      Am7b5 A#m7b5       EMaj7,Am7b5
Handsome as ever, I must admit     
What's new?
Dm9          G7      CM7          Am7   
How did that romance come through?
Am7b5          EMaj7 EmM7 
We haven't met since then
F#m7b5        Am7b5   GM7     
Gee, but it's nice to see you again
What's new?
Gm9       C9 FM7        
Probably I'm boring you
Bm7b5             Am9
But seeing you is grand
FMaj7                 Am9 
And you were sweet to offer your hand
F#m7b5               E7  F#7
 I understand. Adieu!
Dm9    G7sus4    CM7
Pardon my asking what's new
Am7b5                   EMaj7
Of course you couldn't know
F#m7b 5   G
I haven't changed 

I still love you so

Interlude AMaj7,C7,FMaj7,E7,Am11,Bm7b5,CMaj7,F7

I do
Dm9       G7     CM7        
Pardon my asking whatís new
Am7b5                 EMaj7
Of Course you couldít know
F#m7b5    G
I havanít changed
I still love you so! 

Outro Em7,Em7b5,D9,CMaj7,EMaj7 
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